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how to setup fastmail smtp setting

FastMail is an easy and efficient free email service as provides effective security features and is better feauture for a secure email service without the troubles. FastMail has a spam filter, phishing protector and virus scanner and if spam happens to be seen you can go ahead and report it. Also, it has IMAP access which is much needed. Although FastMail does not have any lists you can easily customize up to 100 filters to keep unwanted mail out of your inbox.

Steps for Fastmail SMTP Settings:

Firstly, The user will enter the server address such as
Then will enter the FastMail user namewhich is your full FastMail email address (ending with "")
Then comes for putting the password which is your FastMail password.
Then it will ask for the FastMail port please enter 465 (alternative: 587) as option
In case required then mention yes (with port 587: no)
Lastly, FastMail STARTTLS required where in it should be no (with port 587: yes)
The above will be used to set up the SMTP settings and in case this does not work then you can get in touch with the fastmail technical support where you can directly connect with the experts and all the issues will be cleared and the customer will take a positive feedback also which the priority for the company and for the agents too.

Fastmail technical support  phone number is provided so that the customers can call and get all there issues solved. The customers can call at the phone number anytime and it is sure that they will be answered and best solutions will be given to them.

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