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how to setup smtp setting

Today you will learn how to setup SMTP settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If you are using this email service provider, you should know that Fast Mail has an excellent iOS App for your iPhone. You can access all available Fast Mail feature by using this particular application. FastMail Technical Support instructs you to follow the given steps; these are simple and easy to execute.
1. Go to the [Settings], and tap [Mail].
2. Click on [Account], [Add Account], [Other], then [Add Mail Account].
3. Enter your [Name], [Email Address], and [Fast Mail App Password].
• Name: Enter your Name
• Email: Fastmail Username, including domain.
• Password: Your Fastmail iPhone App Password
• Description: Enter a Name to identify your account (choose whatever you like).
4. If you are using a custom domain, you need to submit your hostname, username, and password for incoming as well as the outgoing mail server.
• Incoming Host Name:
• Outgoing Host Name:
• Username: Your Full Fastmail Username
• Password: Your Fastmail App password.
5. Hit the [Save] button to save all these changes.
You will be glad to know that your Fastmail technical Support account is now ready to use. You can open your Mail app to check new emails. If you are having trouble in sending or receiving an email with your mail client, you should check your iPhone SMTP server settings. You must keep in mind that SMTP servers require an authentication, so better make sure that you are using a right Username and Password. Doubtlessly, the assistance of FastMail Tech Support Phone Number is always open for you.

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