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how to reset roku remote control

Roku - The word comes from the Japanese word Roku which means six and it was given this name as it is the sixth company that Anthony Wood started, it gets its data from a wired or Wi –Fi connection which is then output through audio cable or HDMI cable , it can be connected to any television set however the input connections must be appropriate as it is used by couple of users there can be some problems associated with the same which can be sorted at an individual end or can also be take care by Roku Customer Service .

How to reset Roku remote control – an individual can face some concerns however it may differ depending on what kind of remote they have

· Standard IR Remote

· Enhanced point – anywhere remote

Standard IR remote – make sure that the front of the device is visible from where you are sitting and make sure that the remote is pointed directly so that it can respond correctly

o Try reseating the batteries or one can also replace the batteries

o One can also check the signal with the help of Smartphone with the front camera , turn on the camera as you do to get yourself clicked and then hold the remote control in front of the camera and hit the keys , if you see the IR signal it will work by replacing the batteries

Enhanced point anywhere remote - as it is connected over a wireless network and do not need to pointed directly and individual can take the following steps to overcome the concern

· Try to restart the device and the remote too one can do so by removing the batteries after fixing the same and the then remove the cable wait for 5 minutes and reconnect the power cable , it can also be done by clicking on settings, system , System restart and looking for the restart option

· Try to repair the remote – Open the battery and remove the same

o Remove the cable and re –connect the same after 5 minutes

o When the Roku device displays the screen reinsert the batteries and do the same for the cable as well

o Press and hold the pairing button inside the remote for 3 seconds or unless you see the pairing light , if the light does not flash try it again and it the concern still persists try replacing the batteries

o Now the remote paring dialog should appear on the tv screen

If the concern persists then one can also take help from the Roku Customer service number and speak to the expert advice .

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