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How to connect I phone to laptop

I phone is the leading smart phone making company in the world. Every mobile lover in the world knows about the I Phone. IT’s the top brand in the world and everyone loves to have one I Phone in their Pocket. The most interesting thing about the I phone is their quality camera, cool design and great features it provides on their platform. Each year it add new features to its next version of their I phone. People stand eagerly for their next launch of the I Phone. The lot amount of consumer trust in I Phone is due to the fact that it is produced by the technological giant Apple. Apple is known for building innovating and out of box technological product. Through I Phone its not only provide a communication medium but also a proper medium to surf the internet as well as stores the files and Documents. Despite that some user do faces simple problem like how to connect Iphone to Laptop. One can take the help of Iphone customer service or follow this simple procedure to fix the issue:

· Then Connect the USB cable to the IOS device to computer.
· Again click on Your Ios devices to confirm the selection.
· One can also connect the phone with WIFI.
· Similary open the tab and then select sync with Wifi.
· then choose the items that one want to sync and then click sync.
· Now you can transfer the files and folders from mobile to laptop.
If you ever face problem regarding or resolving the issue, then one can take the help of Iphone customer service number. Their customer support team will assit and guide you in fixing any issue with immediate basis without any much hassle. They have qualified tech expert to fix the problem irrespective of their complexity.

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