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How to access Ymail SMTP server setting

Ymail is one of the top-notch emails service used by the billions of users in all over the world. Ymail is accessible on every kind of devices and users can also configure it with various email services. For this, they must need to apply the server settings of Ymail which is very necessary to apply.


Do you know how to access SMTP server settings of Ymail? If no, then don’t be tensed. With Ymail technical support you can easily obtain the steps of accessing Ymail SMTP server settings. You can also apply the below steps to access the server settings:


· First of all, open the settings of a particular email or device.

· Go to the server setting section and then enter the below settings for Ymail SMTP server:


· Sever address:


· Username: your Ymail email address


· Password: your Ymail email password


· SMTP Port: 465


· TLS/SSL: yes


All of the above SMTP server settings are accessible on all kind of email programs. If you are facing any technical glitches while applying the above steps, then contact Ymail technical support phone number to get best in class assistance from the technicians. These Ymail technicians are highly skilled and they can fix all kind of Ymail related issues within a short span of time. They will better tell how to access Ymail SMTP server settings within quick times. You can call on this number across the globe at 24/7 hours.

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