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How to access Fastmail Imap setting


Emails today have been on top of our priority list these days. Anyone who is digitally connected or on internet must have a email services. These days it has became a perquisite to have an email to have a digital presence. There is plenty of Email service providing companies in the world. There are various types of email services providing companies in the world, some provides free email services and some provides standard email service. Those who provide standard email services are in few numbers. One such standard email service providing company in the world is Fast Mail.


Fast Mail is one of the leading standard email services in the world. The standard email service provides total security features with two way encryption policy to protect their email from any type of attack or unauthorized access. As well as it provide host range of services apart from basic email feature like planning an event through event scheduler, spam out unauthenticated email into spam filter and creating remainder for prioritizing one’s work. But sometimes user do face certain technical issue one of them is How to access Fastmail IMAP setting. One can take the help of Fastmail technical support or follow this simple procedure.

First of all, open your Fastmail account.
Then log into the account with proper credentials.
Again scroll down to the Advance tab.
In the IMAP Path Prefix box then type Inbox.

Choose a IMAP path prefix and set the setting as
IMAP Server –
IMAP Port -993
SSL/TLS encryption- Enabled.

In case, if you ever face problem in accessing or any type of issue related to fastmail then one can call at the Call to Fastmail technical support phone number. Their customer support team will make sure that your problem is solved on immediate basis without much hassle. They work 24*7/365 days to assist and help to resolve any issue.

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